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The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls... - Matthew 13:45

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Pearls Blog

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, 46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. - Mat 13:45-46
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  • Oct15Sat


    A letter October 15, 2022
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    Letters from God

    Scripture reading: Proverbs 31

    A letterFrom the Kingdom of God to the bride of Christ:

    Read the account of the Proverbs 31 woman today. As you’re reading reflect and think about yourself as the bride and church of Christ. These are words of Life to you for this moment: May you be a bride of noble character, far more precious than rubies. May you bring good and not harm to the body Christ all the days of your life, searching out continually to possess that which is pure and righteous! Delight in the work of your hands! Reach out to the needy and stretch out your hands to the poor. Even in the night seasons, arise and set your heart to please the Lord. Wrap yourself in His strength, might, and power in all your works. May you be known by your extravagant generosity! May you not be afraid of tribulations for you have clothed yourself in My righteousness and grace. Let your mouth be full of wisdom; kindly teaching be upon your tongue! May you be a vigilant bride as you watch over the ways of My household. May you have sons and daughters in the faith who will arise in one accord to to bless you and speak well of you. Charm can be misleading, and beauty is vain and so quickly fades, but a virtuous bride who fears the Lord is to be praised!

    I want you to be the bride that is so proud of her groom that she can’t help but talk about Him all the time. She speaks of His great love, of His kindness, His goodness, His graciousness. Her face is radiant with joy and everywhere she goes, people notice her joy. It’s seen in how she talks, it’s seen in the twinkle in her eyes, it’s seen in her infectious laughter. She’s just happy. How can one not notice? People wonder at the the smile on her face, at her kindness, at her giving hands. In this world, She’s not your normal woman.

    Do you see it? I’m giving you a glimpse. She is a picture of a kingdom bride. She is you. She’s a kingdom warrior because she’s been united with the King of Kings and with the Lord of Lords.

    I want you to be such a bride, who touches the lives of others with her words and compassion. I am with you to empower you. I will be your source, your joy as you step out into today. Marvel not, for it by My hand that I shall do a new thing in you every morning. Did you see the sunrise today? Soft rays of color over the horizon, and as the light went forth the darkness receded. This is a vision of you, My bride, My church. You are light to this world. And as you step into your God given purpose you are like the sun at the breaking of day. You are the first rays of glory going out to all the earth, shining hope. The warmth of My love streams through you and strengthens people. Do you not yet see it? Every morning I awaken you to this beautiful truth. Every morning I breathe this promise over you. Lift your eyes! Lift your eyes. Arise and See.

    Just like the darkness is never able to stop the light from breaking through, so it is in these present dark moments. The evil will never be able to stop My light. Come and join in! It’s only when My church is joined corporately that the magnitude of My glory can be seen. Each of you is vital in My heart. Your purpose individually is only found when you are seeking Me with your whole heart, and I am never far away. I’m as close as your next breath. In fact, I am your next breath. As you abide in Me, I’ll pull you towards the kingdom purpose just as I am pulling my whole church. Together, you are an army. A family, bonded together by My love, you are a unshakable army.

    I see you my church, with swords in hand. Stepping up to the horizon, yes, ahead the land is covered in darkness. The stars, only a glimpse of the coming glory, never stop in their display, proclaiming: there is coming after us One who is greater in light and power, we worship and bow down to Him. My bride is standing at the ready, on the horizon. Lifting up holy hands, in praise and adoration. And at this sound the first rays of light burst through. Like a trickle of water. Not even noticed by many, but soon to be felt by all: I am coming! I am coming!

    As my bride takes the sword, my Word, and speaks it out, my light goes forth. The entrance of My word gives light! And from sea to sea, the My glory will fill the earth. All will come to know the truth for the light will reveal it to them.

    Are you ready, my bride? The coming of the day will be more glorious than you have ever dreamed. The display of color more vivid than imagined. I have given you glimpses, but now will release the complete. After the night and winter season, the returning of the light is glorious indeed. The righteous will shine! Their voices ring out with victory as they walk forth by faith. This sound will go out until, like the sunlight, it encompasses the land. Revealing the truth and triumph ingrained deep within, they’re unstoppable. Darkness can’t stop the light!

    Step into this light now. If you have wandered or fallen asleep in exhaustion, arise! Go fill your lamp with oil, the bridegroom is coming! Step into the light of grace and mercy and find forgiveness. Give your whole self completely to the Lord. All power is given to Jesus and we who are His will never be put to shame! For there is no power greater. He will make you a shining light-bearer that breaks through the darkness. The coming dawn, the first rays of light, it is the breakthrough! It is you, bride of Christ. It is you.


    Lord, help us collectively to see the victory that You already see. In Jesus Name, and all for Your glory, it’s already done! Amen!

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