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The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls... - Matthew 13:45

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Pearls Blog

Pearls Blog

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, 46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. - Mat 13:45-46
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  • Jul30Sun

    Rambling of the heart

    His home. Your heart July 30, 2023
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    Pearls Blog

    The Lord intends to bring His children into a deeper relationship with Him.

    There’s no denying that this world is in chaos. We are facing times like never before. But let’s not focus on the problems, let’s focus on the promises and provisions that God has prepared for the problems. He has provided possibilities. He has made a way. So how do we go through this? Well the answer is in Jesus. God has loved us with an everlasting love, and it’s a love that never ends and is without reseveration. Let’s admit it. He loves unconditionally, but we are incredibly fickle. We deem our times and our circumstances to be the marker of how we love and how much we are loved. If it’s going good, we feel loved and love in return. But when it’s not going good, we run to doubt and wonder if we’re loved. I feel Holy Spirit has just one thing to say: Do you have any idea of how much God loves you? If you had an idea you wouldn’t for a second doubt your Father.

    It’s not a criticism. We have to ask ourselves the hard questions and hold ourselves accountable. It’s vital for us to go to another level. We can’t move mountains without a revelation of the love that moves those mountains. It is time for the children of God to be constantly looking towards their Abba Father in expectation and anticipation. What is my Papa up to, what is He wanting for me to do right now to change the tide? What is He thinking? Only those looking at Him, eyes fixed, will be able to know the longings and desires of His heart.

    We have to tap into who He is and what it means to have Christ in us. We have to explore what this means! Christ in us means the glory of heaven is in us. Here’s a secret: Revelation of this is dependent on relationship. Yep. Relationship. You are gonna have to do some work. But don’t worry, all work in relationship is rewarding. Laziness is completely to your detriment. If you’re thinking that you’ll move mountains and be an influence while being complacent, you’ve already lost the war.

    A promise from God is a gift already given. All his promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. If He has said yes to His promises, than let’s say Amen to each promise. Let’s say, Amen, so be it! If God has given it, claim it and say this is mine, thank you Father!

    God is calling us to strengthen our foundation. What does your quiet time look like? This is essential to how you overcome, how you love, how you think and how you interact with people. If we do not push into this relationship with God and trust Him at His Word, we will miss out on so much. I’m learning that long distance relationship with my Father is equal to none at all. It’s hard to have union when your disconnected, because you’re constantly trying to figure out what does this mean or what am I supposed to do. Enoch walked with the Lord. This means he entangled his life with his Father. There was no separation from God in all of his life. In Him I live, in Him I move, in Him I have my being. This is exactly how we are meant to live. In Him.

    We are designed to inhabit and to inherit. Inhabit this world with the goodness of God while simultaneously inheriting the riches of Christ. He said, as I am so are you in this world! Let’s start living like we are part of His family. Let’s own that. Who are you? Gods child. And as such you are being trained for kingdom work from the start. Your normal in the kingdom is the glory and greatness of God. His majesty is covering you and is your seal. So as you move and do, wear this coat with delight and with boldness. Know that you are given a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Jesus is your way, your truth and your life. Fellowship with Him. Delight yourself in the Lord, for He delights in you. Regardless of the circumstances, His love is continually flowing and he remains faithful to you. He has confidence in you. Do you have confidence in Him? Do you have confidence in you and in who you are in Him? One who is not confident is still unsure, easily persuaded, and hesitant to take steps forward.

    It is time. Now is the day. You have a green light. Come! Come into His presence. Be of the Kingdom! Be. It’s time we own who we are and what we have in Christ Jesus. Lay down the old. Today is a new day. A beautiful beginning. No longer bound, we can start freely receiving the favor and the blessing of the Lord so that people around us may see and know the hope of glory. No more excuses. We are made to possess life. To have life in abundance! We are those who can and should turn the word upside down. Because we possess the kingdom.

    I honestly believe that God hides incredible and amazing things in us. He hides them for us. I know this from experience. I’ll be writing and be blown away, thinking where is this coming from?! Or speaking with a friend and words come out of my mouth that are literally teaching my own heart. And I’m going, I have no idea where that came from. It only comes though when I’m hidden in Him, meaning I’ve been with Him in the secret place. I’m hiding and pondering His words to me in my heart and then somehow throughout my day, He finds a way to speak through me. It amazes me.

    God will do work uniquely in you. He intimately knows you better than anyone and will do things for you and through you that He wouldn’t do with anyone else. If you let Him. I pray you’ll discover that He’s an amazing companion, a wise Papa, a perfect partner and the most loving and understanding friend. He’s much more than this, but that’s a start. He’ll show you His depths if you come and dwell with Him. Make His heart your home!

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